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All testimonials are written by caf members based on a real encounter.

I met Natalie Rose last week for a 1 hour social date followed by 1 hour of fun. Her social date rate is fantastic VFM and I wish more providers offered sessions like this. My first time having a session like this and it was so much better. Better connection. Not rushed. I will always prefer sessions like this moving forward. 

I met her at her place and we walked over to a nearby restaurant and had a light brunch. On the walk over, the 6-7 construction guys we passed couldnt take their eyes off her. The conversation was great and felt easy. She is a fascinating young lady and I could talk to her for hours. Smart, ambitious, with a good heart. 

For me, the anticipation was growing the whole time. The slow build allowed another level of attraction beyond just the physical. By the time we got back to her place, i couldnt wait to get started. 

Quick shower, good massage, followed by her famous lap dance. 
Cbj was the best that Ive had. She took her time and had me on the edge a couple times. 
Natalie has a very athletic build that she puts to good use. Slimthick is a very good description of her. I would describe the FS as the most athletic sex that Ive ever had. She is not a spinner but she could do things Ive only seen from 5foot 95pound spinners. Her control from RCG and CG was incredible. 
She is also vocal and a good communicator during sex. Sounds authentic. This is something Ive come to appreciate the longer Im in the hobby. 

Natalie is not a clock watcher and our conversation continued to flow after we finished. I will definitely be repeating when I can. 

Couple other quick notes

Pictures are 100% accurate. Pretty face. 
Natalie prioritises safety. She is well educated on the subject and makes her boundaries clear. 
She spoke very highly of her duo partner Maria. I hope to see her soon too. 
She mentioned that Edmonton is very slow right now. Ive heard this from multiple girls the last couple months. Calgary seems to be much busier and Im afraid that we are going to lose a lot of our top talent to them. Lets pick up our game! 
She said her massage with HE sessions are very popular in Calgary but not a thing here. Seems good VFM too.


Saw this young firecracker a couple of days ago and she definitely deserves a solid review.
Very easy to connect with, downtown location, made time short notice.
Gorgeous and I mean gorgeous body.
I was unsure if I’d be into the lap dance start she prefers, but boy was I wrong, so sexy and had me hard right away.
She’s very engaging, asking what I like as she goes, adjusting accordingly. Some very sexy dirty talk which I am not that used to, but loved.
Never felt anything from her but a strong desire to get me horny and pleasure me, and given I only opted for the HH as I do often with new SPs, she was engaged the whole time and never made it about me getting to the finish line, was more focused on me enjoying every part of the encounter.
Lovely chat afterwards, very down to earth girl.
Definite repeat.

image2 (4).jpeg


Had the pleasure of her time a few days ago. Absolutely amazing body and I concur she aims to please. Lovely girl all around. Lap dance was awesome then onto the CBJ. I held her off a few times and she was good at teasing/edging. Couldn’t hold out for long though. Gave me a very nice massage after and the conversation was nice too. Would definitely repeat. She’s Edmonton based so maybe until I'm there again.


I had a good time with Natalie and definitely recommend seeing her while she is here, her body is as advertised. natural, tight and sexy. Her face is cute and can totally see the european look with a hint of an accent.
She likes to start off with a sexy lap dance to get you nice and hard. She is very good at that. I asked her if she use to be a stripper but she said no... damn, could have fooled me. She would put a lot of strippers to shame. After that the fun began, which I will keep to myself as always ymmv.

Thanks again for seeing me on short notice Natalie. I hope to see you again soon.



I don’t normally post reviews. But I figured I’d start again as the summer usually has me looking to meet lots of women.Starting off with Natalie Rose.
Im not going to say much. But everything is spectacular. Great face, sexy attitude, and amazing hips. And overall spectacular service.She’s a little shy, so please don’t spoil her guys. She’s a gem.
I'm going to be a repeat buyer and go for longer next time. 30 mins was too short to explore different positions.
A+++ would recommend

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