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Power exchange dynamic between individuals, often involving one partner taking on a dominant role and the other adopting a submissive role. When these roles are clarified and agreed upon, one may enter the world of ultimate pleasure. If you find it enticing to give up your dominance and let a beautiful yet powerful woman lead the way in the realm of sexuality or finance, you landed at the right spot. Alleviating yourself from the pressure of dominance and leadership can bring the ultimate excitement, play, and relief. Giving up your dominance and becoming submissive to your mistress can take many different forms. The world of BDSM is endless, and unlike contrary beliefs, it does not have to include pain as a disciplinary measure.I practice light to medium Bdsm and its different forms.

Unlike contrary belief, domination play does not always need to involve pain as a form of discipline.

It is important to note that all BDSM activities are based on the principles of consent, communication, and trust. Participants engaging have established safewords to ensure that the experience remains enjoyable.


Edging, in a sexual context, refers to a technique where a person intentionally delays or extends the process of reaching orgasm or climax during sexual activity or masturbation. The goal of edging is to build up sexual arousal and pleasure while repeatedly stopping just before the point of climax, allowing the sexual tension to build even further. After a brief pause, the person resumes sexual stimulation, repeating the process multiple times before finally allowing themselves to reach orgasm. The practice of edging can also lead to a heightened sense of pleasure and satisfaction. Incorporating edging into their sexual experiences as a way to explore their own bodies and pleasure response. Edging allows the dominant to teach self-control and awareness of the subservient's arousal.



Edging only 280h


300H lIGHT BDSM  90 MiNS 450

350H+ Medium BDSM  90 Mins 550+

Full-service bdsm

1000$ 90 mins

1200 2 hours


Light or medium is determined by the intensity and number of fetishes incorporated.

Longer engagements are arrangeable. 

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